“Hidden Pride” & single “Electroshock”

Publicado: septiembre 4, 2010 en Uncategorized

LISSAJOUS announce the first big release, date in October 2010. This one has been worked about 2 years making a lot of proofs, samples, models, etc. After to participate in Music Lovers and with covers on their shoulders of bands like Depeche Mode, And One and Gustavo Cerati Lissajous has ended the first LP with 13 dance, powerful and revolutionary tracks impressed with melancholy and a lot of human experiences, violence and religious beliefs.

Trying to show to the world their music, the band (date t.b.a) will give to know a release called “HIDDEN PRIDE”. Making a stop and as a sample the first single: “ELECTROSHOCK” in early October


1.- Electroshock (single version)
2.- Solerken
3.- Electroshock (remix by Mr. Trash)
4.- Electroshock (remix by Dama Dolor)
5.- Electroshock (remix by jayceeloop)
Here the space of each one:

Mr. Trash: http://www.myspace.com/experimentalmrtrash

Dama Dolor: http://www.myspace.com/damadolor

jayceeloop: http://www.myspace.com/jcl00p

Keep on touch for more info, images, snippets and surprises Lissajous has for you!


Mexican electronic band: LISSAJOUS



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